Student Mentoring

All students in the group will complete an evaluation and development plan (PhD student / Undergrad & MS student) every 6 months (or after your stay in the group if it is shorter than 6 months) and meet with Mengen to discuss.

Student Training

All students will be trained to get familiar with the theory and computational methods we use in the group, by watching recorded lecture videos and performing computational exercises (access restricted to group members).

Introduction to density functional theory and computational methods (using VASP), and python programming

Introduction to band structure and density of states from free electron gas and tight binding model

Tips on how to write your first manuscript

Career development

We benefit from and are grateful to many researchers who share their experience and advices to students at all levels from undergrad to early career scientists.  All students are encouraged to think early about career development.  Below are some resources that will be helpful.

Things to know: Tips for a Career as a Theoretical Chemist by Prof. Joe Subotnik (University of Pennsylvania)

Succeeding in Scientific Research (YouTube channel) by Prof. Darren Lipomi (UC San Diego)

The Professor is In by Dr. Karen Kelsky

Preparing a Chalk Talk for a Faculty Position by Prof. Robert Mahley (UCSF and Gladstone Institutes)