05/28/2024    Henry from Hamilton College joined the group as an REU student. Welcome!

04/26/2024   Alex, Sanjitha, and Venkateswararao presented their work on 'machine learning enabled database for computational design of perovskite materials' at ECE Senior Capstone Project Expo. Thank you for the hard work and happy graduation!

03/03/2024-03/08/2024    Mengen gave a talk about First-principles study of surface and defect properties in Sn-based perovskites at the 2024 APS March meeting.

11/17/2023    Alex Pyle joined the group as an MS student. Welcome!

08/20/2023    Zhikang Zhou (from Prof. Guangwen Zhou's group) joined the group as a co-advised PhD student. Welcome!

08/04/2023    Sam presented his work on halide double perovskites at the REU poster session. 

07/01/2023    We are honored to receive the 2023-2024 Pooled Research grant from the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) at Binghamton University.

04/21/2023    We are honored to receive the seed grant (in collaboration with Prof. Tara Dhakal and Prof. Manuel Smeu) from Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence (TAE) at Binghamton University.

03/16/2023    Kejia Li joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome!

02/24/2023    Andrew Meccariello joined the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

03/06/2023-03/10/2023    Mengen gave two talks at the 2023 APS March meeting:

01/30/2023    Mengen gave an invited talk First-principles study of planar defects in gallium oxide, and served as a session chair at the "Oxide-based Materials and Devices XIV" conference, SPIE Photonics West 2023.

01/21/2023    Chadawan Khamdang joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome!

01/20/2023    Mengen developed a graduate-level course 'EECE/MSE 535X Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials' in Spring 2023. Join us and explore the fun topics! This course is offered both in-person and via distance learning. Course syllabus is available here.

11/09/2022    Mengen is now affiliated with MSE program at Binghamton University. Looking forward to the new exciting collaborations!